Australian Open

Melbourne, Australia

January 18 - 31, 2016

While traveling “Down Under” to the Australian Open Tennis Tournament is more time consuming than the other three Grand Slams, in many ways it is also the most rewarding. The weather is beautiful, the tournament atmosphere is relaxing and fun, and the grounds are easily the most accessible of all the Slams.

Located just a ten minute walk from Downtown Melbourne and the picturesque Yarra River, Melbourne Park (home to Rod Laver Arena and the rest of the Australian Open Grounds) is very conveniently located. In fact, many spectators will wander to a downtown restaurant or bar in between sessions to enjoy a light meal and drinks. You will not find this incredible combination of tennis and city accessibility anywhere else in the world. The Aussies will make you feel right at home, just don't ask them if Fosters is their favorite beer!

Inside Rod Laver Arena
Sydney Bridge and Skyline

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Player Serves at the Aussie Open
Melboourne at Night
James Blake at the Australian Open